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History of Arguedas

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  • The name of the town comes from the Iberian term arecorada.

  • This people are placed to the north of the Bank of the Ebro. The inhabited area is between the beginning of the Bardenas and the north bank of the Ebro. It has areas more sunken than the Ebro, as it would be the quarter of Venice (given name popularly due to the tough floods). The people are in a quite flat area.

  • The most next locality is Valtierra that it borders on the west and to the north and that also it has a small enclave inside the municipal Arguedas term. To the east it borders on Bardenas Reales and on municipal term of Tudela.

  • In the outskirts of the town there have been traces of a Celt Iberian village of the second Iron Age (300 B.C.), as well as remains of Roman housings and coins of the epoch of Tiberio. Historically it is possible to affirm that Arguedas and his castle on the hill existed from half of the IXth century. In the year 1084 king Sancho Ramírez conquered the town from Bardenas Reales, that is to say the Faction of Tudela and Lerida was conquered by the Kingdom of Navarre and a part in 1140 would happen to Aragon and other one to Navarre and as third part, that is to say left Principat de Catalunya of being an independent area.

mapa arguedas
Coordenadas WGS 84
Decimales (Latitud, longitud)
42.17476662990983    ,    -1.5956749767065048
DMS (Grados, Minutos, Segundos)
42°  10'  29.15986767539781"  N    ,    1°  35'  44.42991614341722"  W
UTM (Este, Norte, Huso, Hemisferio)
615985.2438424703 m  ,  4670135.084103416 m  ,  30  ,  Norte
MGRS/NATO (Zona, Precision en m2, Este Norte)
30T  XM  15985.2  70135.1
ALTITUD (Sobre el nivel del mar)
263.386627197 (metros)    ,    863.908137207 (pies/feet)